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  • Me 9 years ago: So, superhero movies usually deal with octopolictic scenarios, right?
  • My mom: What?
  • Me: The end of the world? Heroes are supposed to thwart that.
  • Mom: No, wait, what did you say the first time?
  • Me: What? Oh, octopolictic scenarios? Like, the octopolis.
  • Me: I always wondered how that word was made. When I was 5, I thought it meant an octopus destroying a city. Giant octopi cause the world to end-- Why are you looking at me like that?
  • Mom: Octo-whatever isn't...You mean "apocalypse."
  • Me: .... *tries to fix it* Octocpalypse?
  • Mom: No. Apocalypse.
  • Me: Huh? Um...Octopolis...?
  • Mom: Isn't that what you said before?
  • Me: What? Um... Oct--
  • Mom: Sweetie, it isn't "octo" at all. It's "apo."
  • Me: ....
  • Me: *blushes fiercely in embarrassment*

Until I was 12, I thought the word “apocalypse” was pronounced “octopolis” for some reason.

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These leafdogs soothe my soul

this is the highest level of wizard

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freakraver said: Have you read the Manga? Because I could tell you why/how she god it, I just don’t wanna tell ya spoilers

I haven’t read the manga. Yet. I intend to. Soon. But would something that early on still be considered a spoiler?

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*whispers* The pen from the arcade was put there by Luna.
nashidakyouko nashidakyouko Said:

How did she KNOW that Usagi would shake it and get the pen after Ami won, though?? Like, okay, knowing that Ami would win, I can see. But I dunno… 

Well, I guess that’s how it is, huh? Seems weird-ish, though. Thanks for confirming that for me, though!

I like how the pen Usagi got from the freaking arcade is now usable as a superhero tool.

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5 20 28 43 52 61
nashidakyouko nashidakyouko Said:

5 Smell: Chlorine
20 Drink: Chocolate milk
28 Play: Wicked
43 Ice cream flavor: Oreo
52 Cussword: Fuck
61 Language: Japanese